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Dijon Russell

Dijon L.(My-low) Milow-Russell Is a College Student and Entrepreneur in the Making!  engaging community Activist/Servant Professional Orator with an Impressive skill set who continues to instill to our youth a fresh perspective to them in the 21st century.
“I want to help the Kids to be able to Do More Be More And Achieve More”! – Dijon said.
He’s an Aspiring Author and is in Final Draft Stages a Children’s Book & Workbook.


Dijon was Born and raised In Flint, MI One of the Worlds Most Dangerous Cities.

Dijon arrived in the world 5/1 Months early 1Pd & 9Oz. 27 Weeks, and 12 inches long. He gains valuable insight of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. From his Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents. He has a divine love and insight for Entrepreneurship, Politics as well as Entertainment. All his life he developed an entrepreneurial acumen. He began his orating skills at such a young age! He has attended business functions, as well as networking within his community. Where he has been deeply rooted in his public service endeavors. Which has allowed him to be around Fortune 500 C.E.O.’s. Civil Rights Icons and Entertainment Moguls. And a host of other well-known persons. He Especially cares about our African-American Communities the Youth! Michigan is also where Dijon gain insight in the political arena. Having been fortunate to be around the Mayor and The City Council, Senators. He also has a great Oratorical Ability and is a member of Toast Masters International and Toast Masters In Metro Atlanta. He has spoken to local schools in his community as well as a Well Known Medical Company. He continues to strive for Amazing and Excellence in all of his diversity of gifts. Dijon is a devoted engaging young activist of his time.

Beating And Succeeding The Odds!

Dijon has beaten the odds of living! By the grace and mercy of the Heavenly Father! Through Success! He has allowed Dijon to be in such great company of family. friends and well-known associates. Dijon is forever grateful. He continues to give Dijon fortunate opportunities. And Endless Possibility! The reason Dijon calls it Fortunate Opportunity and Endless Possibility is because of how bless he has been over the years. Dijon has been fortunate to be around those such as Fortune 500 C.E.O’s and other prominent persons. Dijon is an Attested witness to what SUCCESS Is! Having beating the odds of living arriving in the world early! Pictured is how Dijon beat the odds of living. He came in the world fighting for his life! And LIVED!

#1. Miracle Photo

Dijon NICU

He is currently In College majoring In Design Media Production. Following a Bachelors in Communications After that his Masters  In Business Admin Then he will pursue his PhD, In Business Admin.

Dijon Quotes
“Through Perseverance and Persistence In a continuing way there is Opportunity”! – John H. Johnson

Dijon quoted the late John H. Johnson “I will have something of my own” Founder & President of Ebony & Jet Magazine.

“Failure Is not an Option You will Accomplish great Things”! – John H. Johnson

Here are some of his greatest accomplishments:
In 2008 Dijon was the recipient of The People To People Student Ambassador Program. Founded by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In 2009 Dijon was selected and nominated to be apart of the National Youth Congressional Leadership Council On the Youth Committee. In Washington, D.C.

In 2010 Dijon received an outstanding recognition from Former 39th President of The United States of America President, Jimmy Carter for putting forth great efforts while in high school.

In 2012 Dijon has had the opportunity to be around Global Dignity Leaders from various ethnical and social backgrounds in Education. Entertainment. Political Sectors.

In 2013 Dijon will be working with a well-known Author the individual is also on the New York Times Best Sellers list former Collegiate Professor. Community Servant and Activist. – TBA…

In Spring 2014 Dijon was scheduled to do a Speaking Engagement He Was going to deliver a Keynote Collaborative Presentation to a diverse group of H.B.C.U. Professors & Students.

Over the years. Dijon has been fortunate to be apart of many well-known Distinguished. Prominent Organizations from celebrities. To political leaders.

Ever since Dijon was in his prime. He has continued to show a great love for Entrepreneurship. Entertainment. Politics.