D-Russell Entertainment

In 2006 Dijon intern for a local production company in his hometown of Flint, MI. It was then that Dijon seek a vested interest in going into entertainment. Following that, Dijon has been afforded the opportunity to work behind the scenes with Musicians who been directly along side The Motown Sound, Quincy Jones and Timbaland as well as Shelia E. Just to name a few.

From his youth up Dijon has been in front of the camera with Interviews commentary, from elementary to college his quest continues to grow!

He would do school announcements in elementary and in middle and high school the year book and photography clubs. While in college Dijon worked in the Office of public relations student assistance Dijon would create press kits edit and format school paper. Dijon has also interview members of The Atlanta metro law enforcement community. Dijon has also been an Extra (background actor). In Tv shows such as USA Network Hit show “Necessary Roughness” His role was an Audience Member and photo Journalist. As well as an Extra for T.P.S. And an extra for Drumline 2 “A New Beat”.


Dijon is 3rd row to the left.

He has also Assisted with

The 2015 State Farm Neighborhood “Hoodie” Awards.


The 2016 GA Entertainment Gala.


In 2018 Dijon will continue his quest for knowledge and understanding in the field of Design Media Production.


Here is a picture of Dijon Interning in Flint, MI at local production studio.