Dijon In The News

In Fall 2013 Dijon Was Interview on N.P.R. Atlanta’s W.A.B.E. “Your Home For The Classics”. At the Atlanta Global Freedom Expo Leading up to The 63rd March on Washington. 50th Anniversary festivities In Atlanta, GA. Dijon was ask to Assist in setting up and help with some of the Civil Rights Activist that participated with Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement. Dijon was also ask to speak at the Town Hall Meeting Featuring Dr. King Eldest Daughter Rev. Dr. Bernice King, Civil Rights Activist Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and Congressman Hank Johnson, and Rainbow Push Atlanta, “Peachtree Project.

Dijon also was a call In Guest On Roland Martin – TV One News One Series.
Dijon will be making an appearance to major network coming to a TV Screen near You!

Dijon was schedule to do Speaking Engagement to a group of Collegiate Professors In Spring 2014! In New Orleans, LA.

In 2017 Dijon was ask by The Children’s Miracle Network National office. As well as his hometown of Flint, Michigan to be featured in a article entitled “Miracles Defying The Odds”. National spokes woman Activist and Singer Marie Ossmond Has reach out Dijon with an official handwritten Autograph photo.

Here are the Links.

National Site – Children’s Miracle Network


Local Site – Flint Michigan Hurley Children’s Hospital Medical Center.


Here is Dijon on National Pancake Day! 2018 Local Atlanta I -Hop he raised over $200.00Capture+_2018-03-01-09-15-45-1

In the summer of 2019 PBS Flint, Michigan sat down with Dijon to discuss about what was going on with the City Water Crisis and how it has effected so many citizens of his hometown while filming shots for PBS Frontline.

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