Networking – How To Network

People often get ask How do you do It? How are you able to meet with a lot of well-known people? I always tell them that I have a “Midas Touch”! meaning I am able to connect with a lot of movers and shakers and I am just my self. I recall being at a book signing and there was a young man who gave his C.D. To a well-known Entertainer. He was not prepared I can’t even Imagine what he might have felt because he wanted to have his C.D. Sign.

There are #3 P’s to Keep In Perspective

1. Performance
2. perseverance
3. persistence

With these three you can do anything you put your mind too!

There are three questions I would like to ask you. 

What Motivates you? What Inspires you? Who do you love that share wisdom and Insight from their perspective and gives it to you? 

Networking is the Key to opening the Doors for many Opportunities such as being around your favorite celebrity. What I mean by your favor celebrity someone to share valuable knowledge, and can give you the real facts, on life. 

There are many factors in Networking 



and just being yourself. 

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