Educating our Youth

Education is the Key to Success Increasing Knowledge and Understanding. I truly believe it’s imperative that we as a Society stress the importance of education. Especially African-Americans we definitely need to work more with our youth. Our young African-American men are too much worried about trying to shoot a hoop or trying to rap in the entertainment industry. There are a lot of positive programs that are able to assist. My views are different from most, people my age. With that it has given me a grater perspective on life! Many young men don’t know when they look at the entertainment industry. That it’s just pretentious, from the outside looking in.  One time, I recall when I was at a shopping center. There was a young man and his girlfriend walking and hugging he had to hold his pants. That definitely told me this guy has no dignity, pride, and statue or even has a distinct purpose.

Intelligence Plus character Is The True Goal of Education! – Dr. Martin L. King

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