Beating The Odds Succeeding Through It All!

Dijon having beating the odds of living! By the grace and mercy of the Heavenly Father! He has allowed Dijon to be in such great company of family. friends and well-known associates. Dijon is forever grateful. He continue to give Dijon fortunate opportunities. and Endless Possibility! Dijon have been able to be around those Fortune 500 C.E.O’s and other prominent persons. Dijon is an Attested witness to what SUCCESS Is! Having beating the odds of living arriving in the world early! Dijon came in the world fighting for His life! and LIVED! Currently In College Majoring in Business Management. In Spring 2014! Undergraduates In Business Administration. Masters In Innovation Technologies and Information Systems Surgical Technologies minor in Political Science. PhD. In Applied Economics minor In Business Law.

Dijon Quotes the late John H. Johnson “I will have something of my own” Founder & President of Ebony & Jet Magazine.

Failure Is not an Option You will Accomplish great Things! – John H. Johnson

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