African American Males


I don’t understand why some of us, don’t have any Dignity, Pride, Stature. Something is definitely wrong with our “SWAGGER”. We need some help in that department. For real, Man I was at the mall. And I seen this dude all hug up with his girl. This dude was holding her and his pants from falling off his butt. I was like man come on… I know you don’t have this girl holding you and your boxers. What in the world. A Man, everything we see on T.V. Is not all that real, it’s a Pseudonym. – Meaning fake. False all of these rappers are promoting an Image. In the minds of our youth it’s ridiculous. I don’t understand how we have that going on… In our society see so; many young men don’t have any self-esteem. Some are not career minded. All they care about is smoking and seeing how good a female look. From head to toe, if some of you know what I mean. Men it’s Imperative that we continue to have our Agenda together. Staying on top of things it will take us very far in life. We must keep an Open Mind that we need to stay on top of our game all of the time. Through the good and the bad times Perseverance Is Key! Being able to overcome obstacles

We need to focus on advancing our “Swagger” It’s serious. Because so, many of us are not going to make it in the next 10-20, 30 Years! Some of you looking Confused & Scared and I quote on of the lyrics from a rap song.
“You better get up and get out and get something” Don’t spend all of your time trying to get by & High – Famous Rapper.

Until Next Time Keep The Faith!

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