African American Ladies


I have one question why in the world would you date. Some guy who smokes weeds all of the time. He is ten years younger than you. When he is not only dating you he is also dating an 18-year-old. I don’t understand why a good-looking female would and if she is in her right state of mind. Would date someone with no distinction? As My Late 102 year’s old great-grandfather would say, a Hobo… Ladies you are more than your hips and Thighs. Physical features, Beauty and Brains! I like and Love. I recall going to a book signing of a very prominent Civil Rights Icon. Sister Man she was beautiful dress very immaculate from head to toe with a hat to match. I also remember when Former Female Prominent Civil Rights Icon she mention in Jet Magazine several years before she passed. That she always wore a hat to match. With every outfit she wore.

Last but, not least Ladies please, and I do mean please… Make sure the guy has good credit! Don’t go buying nothing for his broke butt if, he thinks he’s going to mooch off of you. He can’t and won’t be able to pay you back. I’m just saying it seems as though quite a few females I see don’t have any morals or values.

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